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Let's take a break from shopping for prom dresses, or wooly jumpers because that winter chill is still upon us. Let's talk about something very exciting which is...Kevan Jon's new line of dresses. That's right ladies, new colours, new designs, new excuses to have a shopping spree!! What a way to drag anyone out of the January blues, all thank you cards can be sent to KJ himself!

So to kick off this sneaky peak blog post of what you can find in Leggs, courtesy of Kevan Jon, I thought I would start by sharing some brand spanking new colours in the classic Sian Drape dress that everyone loves. Spring colours are here!

If you're like me and find that darker colours compliment you more, (I am a very 'Caspar the Ghost' pale kind of girl) then you will love this new navy shade!
Equally, if you want a more bright and vibrant pop of colour, this dress also comes in a gorgeous orange that will look amazing when the sun finally decides to make an appearance!

Now, for those of you who aren't a particular fan of the fishtale style cut of the Sian Drape dress, Kevan Jon has created an adaptation featuring a more simplistic, classy pencil skirt.

This 'Sian Pencil' style is so flattering and perfect for you ladies that don't want a fishtale cut, which also happens to make it more wearable.
This dress also comes in a beautiful and summery yellow shade for all you ladies wanting to stand out in the crowd.

Now are you ready for something new...

This gorgeous strapless 'Seraphina' dress by Kevan Jon is definitely one of my favourite designs out of Kevan Jon's new line. The underlining nude dress is completed with such a decorative and stunning navy overlay that is stunning from every angle.
I have never seen a dress like this one!

Once again, if this design is slightly too 'out there' for you, Kevan Jon has catered to us all and you should check out the 'Saskia' dress online or in store! What's good with the 'Saskia' dress, if navy isn't the colour for you, Kevan Jon has got you covered with it also being available in white or black.

What more could a girl ask for?

I hope you have loved this sneaky peak at some of the fabulous dresses coming into Leggs by Kevan Jon. There are even more designs to check out which you can find on our website or in store!

But before you leave this page....


In the not too distant future I will be meeting the man himself, Kevan Jon, to discuss and talk about all things fashion, dresses...well hopefully he'll do most of the talking being the pro!

SO...if you have any bugging questions you would like me to ask Kevan Jon then now is your chance! Contact us by any means necessary, Facebook, Instagram, Email or even just come into the shop!

Love Emma.x

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