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Calling all Denim Lovers: NAOMI SHINE by Mos Mosh


Regardless of what season it is, a good pair of jeans is a staple for any girls wardrobe. And Mos Mosh is the place to go to spruce up your jean collection.

Introducing Mos Mosh, which is a luxury brand who tailor in all things denim with a celebrity, A-List following including Kate Moss herself! I was so excited to try some of their jeans, in particular: the Naomi Shine Mos Mosh jeans.

This month Kate Moss came out with a series of fashion tips she follows herself which included:
1. Not being afraid to wear sequins
2. Ditch the same old skinny jeans everyone wears

This basically sums up the Naomi Shine jeans...

...and if it's good enough for Kate Moss, it's good enough for me!

Above I am wearing the NAOMI SHINE Jeans by Mos Mosh
Paired with a classic white tee

The Naomi Shine jeans are such a popular choice for their cropped fit and decorative pocket detailing.
The beaded and sequin detailing is enough for this pair of jeans to become my favourite wardrobe piece.

With their relaxed yet flattering fit these jeans are actually so comfortable and perfect for chilled days wrapped up in a knit jumper.
Alternatively, and perhaps a more exciting idea to think about; the cropped and summery style would go fabulous with open toe sandals, a cami top... and a beer garden, (that is when the sun finally decides to make an appearance).

mos-mosh-edit-5 mosh-mosh-1

Of course there are so many more different colours and styles across the Mos Mosh range which I am more than happy to explore for you readers! Or come into Leggs yourself and try some on, figure out your favourite design and walk out looking good in denim!

If there is something you should take away from this blog post it should be: Kate Mosh has good taste in jeans, and now you know where to purchase your next pair of jeans!

I will leave the link to the Naomi Shine jeans on the Leggs website to make your online shopping that little bit easier: Naomi Shine Jeans

Love Emma.x

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