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ANNOUNCMENT: Introduction!

For the very first time: Hello lovelies!

Welcome to Leggs’ blog which I have commandeered as my own space to share, review and highlight some of the best picks in all things fashion here at Leggs! Whether it’s fierce fur coats or the perfect prom dress; if you wanna hear about it, this is the place to be…

Take this first entry as an introduction to myself, because why would you trust my blog content when you don’t even know who I am?

My name is Emma...

...and I’m a young Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger from Darlington. I’ve had my own blog for over a year now, covering the likes of beauty, fashion, travel, food and all things girly. Hopefully as I write more blog posts for Leggs you will get to know myself more.


So why am I here? What am I doing? What is to come of Leggs’ blog? Grab a cup of tea and I’ll explain.

What you can expect to start surfacing here on the Legg’s blog is an insiders view of everything and anything. A showcase of what’s new in store. A collection of the best pieces to buy. A guide to pairing which shoes with what, and so much more...

Consider it my mission to cover as much as I can with one blog!

Not only will I be looking at clothing from Leggs, I’ll also be bringing in tips and advice with completing an entire look. I’m talking: hair, beauty, accessories, the whole 9 yards because let’s be honest: There’s nothing a good pair of shoes can’t fix.

So before you get on with the rest of your day make sure you’ve followed Leggs on all social platforms, which I will leave linked down below:

Instagram- @leggsfashion
Twitter- @leggsdarlington
Facebook- @Leggs Fashion

You can expect to see more and more posts inspiring, encouraging and showcasing the best of the best.

Feel free to like, comment, share...you know what I’m talking about
Please get in contact with me with any specific posts you want to see or hear about!

Make sure you keep coming back to this blog for more from me…

Love Emma.x

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